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Updated: JAMB NOVEL 2019, Possible Questions and Answers From Sweet Sixteen”
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Below are possible questions from Jamb new Novel (Sweet Sixteen).


(1) do you know the kind of girls boys like?
a. Sexy b. Brilliant c. Dumb d. Beautiful

(2) bobo relocated to were?
a. Germany b. London c. Spain d. Ireland

(3) what was the name of aloha maths teacher.
a. Miss simbi b. Miss salami c. Miss Stella d. Miss salako

(4) what did me bello send as a gift f9r aliya birhthday.
a. Birthday card, sweet sixteen and provision
b. Birthday card that says sweet sixteen, camera and spiral bound document
C. Camera, card and money

(5) what was written in the document. Copied 4rm 9iceunity.com
a. Letter to aliya
b. Letter to my dauther
c. Letter to my first lady

(6) what football club does aliya support.
a. Arsenal
b. Blues
c. Chelsea
d. Man u

(7) what was written on aliya jersey.
a. Aliya
b. First lady
c. My love
d. None

(8) " what are you two tom and Jerry arguing about this time" said by wbo ________

(9) what restaurant did they branch to both Mr bello and aliya.
a. sweet sensation
b. Mr Biggs
c. Aunty gigis
d. sweet chicken

(10) what did they order for? Copied 4rm 9iceunity.com
a. rice and beans
b. Pepsi and fanta
c. Ice cream and orange drink
d. Ice cream

(11) what magazine did aliya heard of sex from.
a. Punch
b. School library
c. Internet
d. Cosmopolitan

(11) who was aunty molars?
a. Friend
b. Cousin
c. Neighbour

(12) what was the first profession aliya wanted to do
a. Lawyer
b. Doctor
c. Engineer
d. Surgeon

(13) what book did aliya found in the library.
a. John dark
b. Lord luggard
c. John Grisham

(14) my father would say that it is better to _______ in _______ than to be a prosperous theif.
a. Live and wealth
b. die and property
c. Survive and wealth
d. Live and poverty

(15) to strive, to see, to find and not to yield was a speech adopted by a motto for. Copied 4rm 9iceunity.com
a. 2011 summer olympic to Europe
b. 2009 summer Olympic to Ghana
c. 2010 summer Olympic to London
d. 2012 summer Olympic to London

(16) According to Mr bello which person was known as the greatest poem ever.
a. Lord luggard
b. John grisham
c. Alfred Lord Tennyson
d. Albert Einstein

(17) bolaji abdullahi was a minister of _______ and ______ in Nigeria
a. Petroleum and gas
b. Sport and development
c. Youth development and sport
d. Youth and sport

(18) sweet sixteen was his ____ book. Copied 4rm 9iceunity.com
a. Last
b. Second
c. First
d. Third

(19) aliya started putting on bra at the age of _____ and at _____
a. 12 and 14
b. 10 and 14
c. 11 and 14
d. 10 and 16

(20) aliya mother was a ______

(21) aliya father first work in a _____
a. Organization
b. Agency

(22) Aliya father name is ________

(23) how old was aliya when she started going to boarding school. Copied 4rm 9iceunity.com
a. 12
b. 13
c. 14
d. 11

(24) what was written on aliya first birthday gift.
a. My first lady
b. Happy birthday aliya
c. My first lady, remember only God is greater than you

(25) who was known as the king of boys in school.
a. MR bello
b. Akin
c. Sup
d. Bobo

(26) what was written on the tummy of the teddy bear. Copied 4rm 9iceunity.com
a. Love you
b. I love you
c. In you I trust
d. Only you

(27) what was the nickname if tokumbo alabi.
a. King of boys
b. Rossy
c. Bobo
d. Ali

(28) were did tokumbo alabi Copied 4rm 9iceunity.com travel to
a. London
b. Egypt
c. Ireland
d. Spain

(29) what work does mummy aliya does.
a. Teacher
b. Nurse
c. banker
d. Trader

(30) was aliya the only daughter of her family
a. Yes
b. No

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1. Who is the author of the book “sweet sixteen”.
A. Bolaji Adelaide
B. Bolaji Abdullahi
C. Bolade Abdullahi
D. Jerry Agada.

Answer: (B) Bolaji Abdullahi

2. How old was Aliya in the novel?
A. 16
B. 18
C. 17
D. 19

Answer: (A) 16

3. According to one expert; “comprehensive sex education doesn’t encourage kids to have sex”
A. True
B. False

Answer: true

4. KOTL means…
A. Kiss on the lips
B. Kiss on the laps
C. Kiss on top the lips
D. Kiss on top the legs

Answer: (C) kiss on the lips

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5. _____ almost fainted when he heard that some student were caught on the school basketball court at night having “sex”.
A. Mr James
B. Aliya
C. Mr Bello
D. Bolaji

Answer: (C) Mr Bello

6. Good comprehensive programmes teach students that abstinence is the only sure-fire way to prevent pregnancy and STDs.
A. True
B. False

Answer: True

7. Adoringly, Aliya was referred to as…
A. Journalist
B. Sex addict
C. Beautiful lady
D. First lady

Answer: (D) first lady

8. Who asked this question “What does HAK and KOTL means?”
A. Aliya
B. Bolaji
C. Mr Bello
D. First lady

Answer: (C) Mr. Bello

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9. Mr Bello is a _____ by profession from the novel.
A. An accountant
B. Engineer
C. Nurse
D. Journalist

Answer: (D) Journalist✅

10. Where were the student caught having sex?
A. At the chapel
B. Behind a lawn tennis court
C. At the basketball court
D. In the toilet

Answer: (C) at the basketball court

11. ____ is the protagonist in the novel, “Sweet Sixteen” Copied 4rm 9iceunity.com
A. Mr Bello
B. Aliya
C. Mrs Bello
D. Mr Fayose

Answer: (B) Aliya

12. From the novel, most teenagers knows what adults seems to be hiding from them
A. True
B. False

Answer: true

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