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Topic You Need To Study In Chemistry For upcoming Jamb
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Posted on: 12:27 Tue, 18 Mar 2014

For those Here are some topics you need to study in chemistry;

*Seperation of mixtures and purifications of chemical substances.

*chemical combination ??kinetic theory of matter and gas laws.,boyle,charles,grahan and dalton laws.

*Atomic structures and bonding, the periodic table, eletrovalency and covalency,radioactivity,nuclear reactions..,.

*constituents of air.....

*water:composition by volume, as a solvent, as product of combustion of hydrogen, water of crystalization,efflorescence,deliquescence and hygroscopy.

*sources and effects of pollutants

*acids, bases and salts ??pH and pOH

*oxidation and reduction ??energy changes endothermic,ectothermic,entropy,entalpy etc. ??

*rates of chemical reaction chemical equilibra

*metals and non-metals

*organic compounds alkanes,alkenes,alkynes,alkanols,Elitesplanet Web,alkanals,alkanones,alkanoic, alkanoates, etc.

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